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  • Episode 8: What Does a Self-Sufficient Woman Want?

    In this special, final episode of a 3-part series with Corrida Greene, we discuss: WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES WITH CORRIDA: ABOUT MY GUEST: Corrida Greene is a globally documented inventor of the world’s first disposable disinfecting gloves, WipeRite Gloves, a certified entrepreneur by the world-renowned Wharton School of Business and the founder of CMG Holdings Ltd…

  • Episode 7: How to Get Your Mojo Back in Your 40s

    This episode is Part 2 of a 3-part series covering how to recover from a failed relationship – in this case, a marriage – in your 40s. My fellow Clemson alum and oh-so-beautiful sorority sister Corrida Greene shares her approach to getting her mojo back as she heads into the dating scene again – even…

  • First year of marriage for an independent woman

    What’s it like for an independent woman who gets married? I just did it. Got married last year at age 40 (yes, for the first time). Over my lifetime, I’ve had 3 proposals, two engagements. One made it down the aisle. So after year one of nuptials, I’ve got plenty of lessons learned to share…

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The Host

Andrea is a 40 yr. old bride in Atlanta who believes in normalizing women who choose to marry for the first time at age 40+.

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