Bridal Consignment: How Much Money Do You Really Get Back For Your Wedding Gown?

Put my wedding gown in a #bridalconsignment shop and this was what I got back for it. Eh. It’s just a fraction of the cost, which is neither here nor there at the end of the day. How do I feel about it? I’m ok. My thoughts on #weddinggowns:

1) I knew I would never keep it. Not a fan of them taking up OH-so-precious closet / storage space.

2) No, if I ever had a daughter (at age 40-ish), she would want her own fresh dress of her own choosing for her big day.

3) Could I have kept it to snag a piece of cloth out of for some sentimental / legacy purposes? Maybe. But there are other things you could use for that. 💃🏽 Could I have dyed the dress black or some other color for the use at some gala? Sure…but it still would’ve felt like my wedding gown to me. Could I have donated it to one of those bittersweet services that converts wedding gowns into burial outfits for premature babies? Yeah…..but that didn’t seem like such a…happy thing to do, and gowns are a happy thing.

4) Seems like the amount you can get back for a dress is about the same rate you can get back for a ring. 😬

Ultimately, I’m happy to have it sold. Some deserving, me-sized chick is gonna get good use out of it. I probably should’ve scoured consignment shops for my own big day but I guess I was in too big of a rush for that.

For the ladies reading this one, if you made it down this far, what are your thoughts on gowns? Do you have to keep it for the sentimental purposes? The passing-it-down-to-your-daughter tradition? Would you dye yours or donate it? Let me know 👇🏽

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