Episode 7: How to Get Your Mojo Back in Your 40s

This episode is Part 2 of a 3-part series covering how to recover from a failed relationship – in this case, a marriage – in your 40s. My fellow Clemson alum and oh-so-beautiful sorority sister Corrida Greene shares her approach to getting her mojo back as she heads into the dating scene again – even amidst the aftermath of a divorce. In the final series, we’ll talk about what Corrida’s looking for in a future partner, the dating mindset to have in your 40s and more!

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Watch Episode 3

ABOUT MY GUEST: Corrida Greene is a globally documented inventor of the world’s first disposable disinfecting gloves, WipeRite Gloves, a certified entrepreneur by the world-renowned Wharton School of Business and the founder of CMG Holdings Ltd Co. But what she’s most honored to be is an ever-evolving balanced lady, mother and follower of Christ.

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ABOUT THE 40 YEAR OLD BRIDE: For today’s more independent, established and fab 40+ bride. What happens when the mature, independent, career-established, business-owning, self confident, boss-mode, fun-loving 40+ year old gets engaged? How about all the dating “adventures” we’ll call it that happens before that? And finally, what’s married life like for that woman who’s been independent for so long? This channel’s for the bride who just wants to get some ideas for her own wedding, chat it up about wedding issues / problems they’re facing, discuss reframing what a bride today is, relationships and more.

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