Hey Beautiful! I’m Andrea TheoJohn and, yes, it’s true, I’m The 40 Year Old Bride (now wife). I have no kids, but I do have a little dog: The Silkiest Millie. This is my first marriage, but my fourth proposal! All long stories, but I will say that this one was worth the wait.

This community is for the women who aren’t your traditional 20-ish year old brides. Maybe you’re like me – lived your life, traveled the world, took your time with the frogs you kissed and finally decided on your King. Maybe this is your second, third or fourth marriage. Maybe you’ve got kids. Maybe your first wedding was small or all wrong and you want that do-over now.

The awesome thing about being in our 40s is we’re the most beautiful, most powerful, most well-connected, sexiest and most confident woman we’ve ever been in our lives! That completely changes the game on dating, engagement and marriage, wouldn’t you say?

I created The 40 Year Old Bride because I wanted the conversations with other women like me. I’m not a 20ish yr old grad student anymore and neither are you! Our world views are entirely different now and our weddings and relationships can be also. Cheers to embracing this Next Chapter in life and thanks for joining in on the conversation. So glad to have you Queen!